[257] Progressive Christianity
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[257] Progressive Christianity

Bart Campolo, the apostate son of the renown Tony Campolo, offered a sober warning to those orthodox Christians who want to avoid losing their faith.  He did so by describing his journey out of faith by way of socially progressive Christianity.

“I passed through every stage of heresy,” said the once ordained Campolo. “It starts out with sovereignty going, then biblical authority goes, then I’m a universalist, now I’m marrying gay people. Pretty soon I don’t actually believe Jesus actually rose from the dead in a bodily way.”

He has predicted that as many as 40% of progressive Christians will become atheists in the next ten years.  According to Campolo, it is a “progressive” disease, a domino action in which one doctrine falls after another.  Once a shift out of orthodoxy starts, there is no discernible stopping point.

Says Campolo, “When you get to this ragged edge of Christianity when people say ‘God’ they sort of mean ‘the universe’ and when they say ‘Jesus’ they sort of mean ‘redemption’ – they’re so progressive they don’t actually count on any supernatural stuff to happen, they’ve dialed it down in the same way I did.”

He says he has slipped past “progressive re-vamping” of Christianity and went straight to the logical conclusion that God doesn’t exist. He encourages Progressive Christians to stop pretending God exists in the form of “the universe” or other wishy-washy language, and embrace their unbelief.

There is a world of progressive Christianity out there, filled with podcasts, books, and events aimed at young evangelicals, encouraging them to reassess orthodox evangelical doctrines on hell, sovereignty, biblical infallibility, sexuality etc. There are many “neat, cool, fuzzy” (according to Campolo) leaders to follow, like Rob Bell and Donald Miller.  This is a faith and learning issue, as these progressive efforts are aimed at the educated, thriving in seminaries and mainline Christian colleges.

“Once you start adjusting your theology to match up to the reality you see in front of you,” says Campolo, “it’s an infinite progression.” What Campolo is doing is putting some bright lights of warning on what Matthew 7:13 describes as the broad road leading to destruction. DC

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