[259] Polyamory
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[259] Polyamory

In a culture of loneliness and fractured relationships we now have polyamory, presented by the American Psychological Association as a healthy relational option.  In simple terms, polyamory is having romantic and sexual relationships with more than one person at the same time.  This can be gay, straight, or bi.  It’s all healthy and good.  And it is being taught in school to 12-year-olds in some states.

This is disturbing on its own merits—or lack of merits—but it goes deeper than simple immorality.  It goes to the issue of a culture caught in a spirit of error.  In short, it is taking an unhealthy and immoral practice and promoting it as healthy and good—twisting truth to support a humanistic worldview.

And that is the spiritual challenge of our age.  In the past, the issue was a matter of the will, with world tempting us to behaviorally violate what we knew to be right and true, because such actions appealed to our fallen natures.  Now, the issue is about the mind.  Before any action is even considered, we are challenged intellectually to reorder what we believe is right and wrong.   The behavior follows the shaping of the mind.  That is now the strategy of the secularists; challenge basic beliefs with humanistic notions, and do that in the public school system.

In a sense this is a new trend.  In another it is not.  False teaching was first reported in the third chapter of Genesis.  Remember, the snake did not ask Adam or Eve to rebel against God.  It simply deceived them into believing that God’s command was not really worth following.

Like polyamory, eating the forbidden fruit was promoted as a healthy option.  We need only recall the consequences of that option to view the danger of this false teaching. DC

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