[258] Simple Distinction
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[258] Simple Distinction

Amid impeachment wrangles, we are losing sight of a simple distinction with respect to holding governmental office.  That distinction is as polarizing, as binary, as our left-right dichotomy.

Either a person is a public servant—committed to doing what is in the best interests of the people she serves, or a power monger, one seeking ever greater hegemony.  The former sees the job as one focused on being involved in a mission larger than oneself.  The latter is little more than a narcissistic venture into gaining ever higher office, personal fame, and influence.  One is about the honor and glory of justice.  The other is about glorifying oneself.  One seeks doing what is right.  The other is about doing what serves one’s political party’s quest of control.

In 1955, JFK published Profiles in Courage, a book celebrating political figures of both parties who placed principle above partisanship on critical issues.  A book like that would be fiction today.

Our current polarization is not due to some unique confluence of social and cultural forces.  It is the result of a society in which too many, especially our leaders, want to abandon the common good in quest of imposing their will on the electorate, even if it means destroying those with differing beliefs in the process.  DC

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