[257] Custom-fitted Faith
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[257] Custom-fitted Faith

I heard a sermon recently in which the pastor stated that currently 53% of evangelicals believe truth is relative—the definition of postmodernism.  He offered no documentation, but if he is correct, there are few greater threats to the US church than this.

What happens when people slide off immutable truth and toward postmodern thinking, the belief that truth is subjective, is that you get faith customized to the individual’s preference.  It is Jane Fonda faith.  Remember Fonda?  Some years back, coming off a painful divorce from Ted Turner, she claimed she had become a Christian, a deal-breaker for Turner.  Celebrity-loving evangelicals conducted a near Rose Parade in celebration.  Rebellious Jane Fonda, the youngest of this family of Hollywood royalty, none of whom having shown interest in things religious, was now one a committed Christian.  Imagine that!

Well, she isn’t.  If you read her words you will see she is not committed to biblical truth.  She has her own custom-fitted to Jane version of Christianity, if you can call it Christianity.  That is sad enough.  What is more tragic is that she apparently has many brothers and sisters in evangelical churches.  DC

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