[256] Canadian Churches
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[256] Canadian Churches

A few years ago, a five-year study of growing and shrinking churches in Canada found that conservative churches, with a literal interpretation of scripture, were the ones growing. The distinguishing feature of these churches was their commitment to biblical orthodoxy, not positions on hot-button social issues.

Should anyone be surprised by this?

Forgive my simplism here, but does it not seem logical that churches committed to scripture would grow because they not only accept the bible as truth, but also because scripture is radioactive spiritually, being infused by the Holy Spirit?

The more one studies the validity of scripture with a cold scholarly eye, the more convincing it becomes as the organ for divine truth.  Studies of manuscripts, archaeology, prophecy and even science authenticate the bible.  More important than that, however, are the changed lives—in Canada among other places–that result from a commitment to its message.

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