[256] “Chicken” Fil A
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[256] “Chicken” Fil A

So Chick Fil A, which makes no secret with respect to its Christian witness, has now apparently decided to remove the Salvation Army from its list of recipients of company donations because the SA does not approve of gay marriage.

Unless we get more info, this is both regrettable and stupid.  The SA is not denying aid to gays nor engaging in any animus toward members of the LGBTQ community.  The SA is simply taking a stand on an issue on which there is no consensus in the Christian community.  For Chick Fil A to deep-six SA is regrettable because it can be viewed as a form of persecution against a fellow Christian organization over its stand on a controversial issue.  It is also regrettable as it smacks of CFA’s caving to political pressure from a secular organization.

It is stupid because–as any person of sound mind would reasonably expect–its stand got CFA nowhere with the LGBTQ folks.  Instead of being lauded for sticking it to the SA, GLAAD’s Drew Anderson said “if Chick-fil-A wants to be taken seriously, it should disavow its anti-gay reputation and ensure restaurants are safe for gay employees.”

So what we have here is a major, seemingly Christian company separating itself from a highly-respected, fellow Christian organization over what looks like a cowardly political sop to an identity-based lobby that will accept nothing less than unconditional endorsement of its agenda.


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