[254] Properity
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[254] Properity

According to Christianity Today, the prosperity gospel is taught to 40% of evangelical churchgoers.  This heresy is the notion that believers have to do something on their end to gain material rewards from God.  Works not grace.  In short, it makes the money tossed in the collection plate not a tithe or offering, but an investment for which a return is expected.

There are regional and denominational differences with respect to adherence to a prosperity gospel, according to LifeWay Research, that published its findings in 2018, but the very existence of the prosperity heresy is disturbing.  It makes our faith about material gain rather than the glory of God.  It replaces the cost of discipleship with an investment strategy.  It essentially repudiates all of the verses about persecution sprinkled through the New Testament, and all but ignores the very biographies of the apostles—eleven of whom gave their life for the faith, with the twelfth dying in exile.

To the extent that this toxin has found its way in Christian colleges, how does this prepare students for a life of discipleship?  Particularly considering the increasingly secular culture in which they will be living that life.  The gospel is about earning alright.  It is about having earned God’s rage, only to receive his gift of salvation instead.  God owes us nothing but his condemnation.  We owe him everything. That envelope in the collection plate is not a seed planted for an eventual harvest benefiting us, as the grinning, well-dressed, heretical televangelists past and present try to lead us to believe..  It is a symbol of our total indebtedness to him.  DC

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