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[254] Guns

Forget trying to confiscate or “buy back” guns.  Anyone talking that talk is merely expressing his sociological naivete.

In 1970, former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, made an impassioned plea for gun control in this book, Crime in America. He acknowledged that among the chief challenges for gun control advocates was the number of guns already present among the populace.

He estimated that there were between 50 and 200 million guns out there.  In 1970!  In a population of about 200 million!  What do you think it is now, with a population of 300 million?

It is too late to pick up even a fraction of the guns.  Again, to propose that is lunacy.

The only legal way to curtail violence via guns is background checks, and that is a rather impotent action, as many dangerous people can pass them.  Worse, with all the hardware out there, almost anyone who can’t pass, can still get a gun.

The issue is not guns.  Gun violence is a symptom, not a cause.

We live in a secular society, one in which life (even at birth, if we listen to the extreme pro-choicers) is of little value–disposable.  We are a nation that eats and drinks itself to death.  We treat symptoms, not causes of ill health.  We are a society that values narcissistic pleasure more than meaning, because we have largely rejected the existence of objective metaphysical truth.  Hence, we have reduced the real value of life.

The biggest antidote to wanton violence are Judaeo-Christian values that affirm life and right relationships, values emanating from a tradition the US has all but rejected in recent years.  A return to internalizing Judaeo-Christian norms would make this nation much safer than trying to ward off random violence with feckless legislation.


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