[252] PM as Philosophy
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[252] PM as Philosophy

Postmodernism (PM) is everywhere, even in the Christian College.  A professorial colleague of mine lamented at how PM has seeped into many of this presumably Christian students.

The pernicious notion that objective metaphysical (spiritual) truth does not exist undermines the foundation of the Christian faith.  For the believer, as certainly as you cannot drive anywhere but north from St. Louis to get to Chicago, you cannot be a disciple without accepting immutable, unbending, spiritual truths.  Truth is the pathway to Christ.  In the King James version of the Bible, truth appears 118 times.  PM, by making truth subjective, contradicts the teachings of scripture.

The Christian college needs to confront this heretical strain eroding the structure of their students’ faith.  More particularly. PM needs to be treated as a philosophy, and critiqued as such in basic philosophy, apologetics, and theology courses.  The stability of their students’ faith may depend upon it.  DC

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