[252] The R Tag
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[252] The R Tag

I have had a bellyful of people being hit with the R Tag–called a racist–simply because they do not agree with a person of color.  The tag has moved from among the last canards to be thrown at an ideological or political opponent to among the first.  And this verbal bomb is nearly daily thrown because, going back 60 years, the label has been among the most repugnant tags one can have.  Trump is regularly deemed a racist largely because of Tweets that are not complimentary of the words and actions of some people of color.  Biden has been zinged because he negotiated with segregationists in the Congress decades ago.  Even Pelosi has taken the racist hit from the AOC crowd.

None of these people’s words or actions pass a serious test of racism.

Sociologically, racism is simply the belief in the moral or intellectual superiority of one race as compared to another.  In the US it has historically taken the form of white supremacy.  Again, the actions or words of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Nancy Pelosi cannot realistically be deemed racist.  You may well believe that one or all are racist, but nothing they have said or done publicly crosses the racial goal line.

This near random use of the R Tag is damaging.  Not only does it unfairly tar people’s moral reputations, all but paralyzing them in terms of influence, but perhaps more important, the noise of these meaningless accusations results in a lack of understanding of the truly toxic nature of racism, creating an ideological fog in which genuine racists can find camouflage.  There are white supremacists out there.  More than you think.  And I am sure they are happy that no one is noticing them because the “white” noise of reckless use of the R Tag.  DC

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