[251] Spirit of Error
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[251] Spirit of Error

As our nation departs from its Judeo-Christian moorings it enters a spirit of error.  The Judeo-Christian tradition is rooted in a set of beliefs; high among them is that humans are flawed, error-ridden by nature, and unable to find their way to non-material truth apart from engaging the truth of their creator.  The writings of the founders are anchored to this belief.

Secular progressivism denies the very existence of that creator, and hence the very existence of that truth.  Instead, humans are viewed as the highest form of life in the universe.  Furthermore they are viewed as an ever-evolving, ever-improving life-form—and therefore capable of determining ever-better prescriptions for human thought and behavior.  In short, they can determine what is politically correct.

In the secular-progressive world, there is no metaphysical truth because there is no metaphysical foundation to life.  In other words, we humans are on our own.  For the Christian, the consequence of this thinking is inescapable.  It means flawed humans are now attempting to construct our national sense of reality.  Moreover, because of their flawed natures, it is impossible for their constructions to be accurate.  We hear more and more public pronouncements, often from political figures, that run counter to Christian values.  They are disturbing, and they should be, because they are the outflow of a society lost in a spirit of error.  DC

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