[250] Correlations
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[250] Correlations

According to Michael J. Knowles, atheists are now the number one religious group in the U.S.  Americans who profess no religion now constitute just under a quarter of the population, nosing out Catholics and Evangelicals for first place.

Because of this growth, open defiance of Judeo-Christian principles has become louder, bolder, and more frequent.  In decades past, the cultural overlay of the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage functioned as a sort of informal censor throughout the country, keeping non-believers from openly attacking the gospel and its adherents.

There are some disturbing correlations with our national abandonment of religion.  Here, according to Knowles, are a few.  One in 5 U.S. adults experiences anxiety disorders, the latter being now the #1 mental illness in the nation.  One in 6 take antidepressant medications, with the number soaring among younger Americans.  The suicide rate among U.S. teenagers is up by 70% since 2006.

Conversely, the psychological research indicates that people who attend religious services regularly are twice as likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than those who attend sporadically or not at all.  Religious people engage in “happy-making behaviors” (marrying for example) to a significantly greater degree than those who are not.

Indeed, as Andrew Breitbart pointed out, culture is the downstream of religion; and as our faith erodes so does our sense of meaning and ultimately happiness.  Ironically, in a culture characterized by a frenzied search for meaning and happiness, its members are looking in all the wrong places.  Meaning and happiness are hiding in plain view.  DC

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