[244] It’s Coming

[244] It’s Coming

If any good can possibly come out of the attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka, leaving over 300 dead and the assault on the California synagogue, I hope it will be to heighten the awareness of the rising tide of religious persecution around the world, including in the United States.

There is more persecution of Christians today than ever before.  It’s coming here.  In fact it is already here–visible if you have your eyes open.

Here are some global facts:  One of 9 Christians experience persecution.  Each month 345 people are killed for faith-based reasons.  Each month, 105 churches or Christian buildings are burned or attacked.

We live in a flood of noise–information, data, facts, and non-facts.  Some of it comes from Christian sources. Yet you rarely hear a snippet—not even in our churches–about how badly our Christian brothers and sisters are treated around the world—or even here.  How they are being murdered.

The Christian-friendly media ripped into Obama and Hillary for statements denouncing the Sri Lanka attacks, using the term “Easter worshippers” rather than “Christians.”  What about the Christian media, the churches, the Christian colleges, and other sources of news for Christians?  Where are these people?

American Christendom remains blind and docile.  Subtle (and not-so-subtle) persecution of Christians is rampant in the United States.  Once acknowledged as a “Christian country,” in many settings it is now no longer politically correct to identify oneself as a Christian.  Not in Hollywood, not in the mainstream media, not on the talk shows, and not in the world of secular politics.

The secular progressives are hard at work in driving any mention of God out of the public discourse.  Out of the schools.  Out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Off our coinage.  They are using the laws to do it.  And it is working.  Yet I almost never hear a sermon on this.

Remember that long ago slogan, “Take back our country for Christ”?  How archaic!  About as contemporary as leisure suits.  We are nowhere near taking.  We have been largely taken.  Our country is slowly being placed under the dominion of secular-progressivism in all things.  Sri Lanka and the attack in California should awaken us to that. DC

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