[242] Evangelism?
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[242] Evangelism?

Why is there not more evangelism going on among orthodox Christians?  Concern about this is expressed in publications like Christianity Today and less celebrated websites and publications.

Here are some thoughts.

Evangelism is about salvation, which in turn is about life after death.  The more the culture secularizes, the more God-consciousness moves off the cultural org chart and into irrelevance.  And with it concern about anything beyond the here and now.  When one considers how many US citizens do not have real savings or sensible financial plans for the future, it is not hard to imagine these people spending much time thinking about the great beyond.

But that is about the larger non-Christian culture.

How about the church?  I cannot remember the last sermon I heard about heaven or hell.  And I am there every week.  In fact, I cannot remember the last time I even heard a clear and pointed reference to heaven or hell.  Instead, I have been on the receiving end of one long stream of sermons about discipleship—putting Christ and his principles into Monday through Friday.

Christ spoke a great deal about heaven.  More specifically, he spoke even more about hell.  Even more important, he did not pull any punches as to the eternal consequences of one’s decision with respect to him. But pastors everywhere—including campus pastors, I suspect—pretty much leave the afterlife out of the narrative.  When we do that we make evangelism less urgent.  If I were really locked in on what is at stake for those who show no evidence of knowing Christ, I might feel more compelled to communicate my faith.

Until then, as I leave church each week I am more inclined to think about what we will have for dinner than how I can get the bread of life into the souls of others. DC

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