[242] Trust
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[242] Trust

We are indeed in perilous times.  Those who fear for the future of the republic have well-founded concerns.  The reason is the absence of trust.

Republicans do not trust Democrats.  Dems definitely do not trust Trump, and the citizenry does not trust the news media—print or electronic.  In short, there seems to be no larger bridge that unites the disparate groups.

We have been polarized for so long that it is hard to remember previous eras in which political partisans would intensely disagree with those “across the aisle” but never questioned the patriotism or intentions of their ideological adversaries.

Partisans no longer merely disagree.  They hate.  The contempt is expressed in personal attacks on the character of their opponents.  The media is equally divided.  We now know when we choose a source for news we are also choosing an obvious point of view.  About the closest one can come to getting an even-handed view of life in these United States is to watch news feeds from another country, but they also have points of view.

Let’s return to trust.  Relationships are built on trust.  When trust collapses, relationships end.  In a United States we need trust to survive.  DC


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