[240] Marijuana
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[240] Marijuana

The pro-pot advocates have essentially won, and that is a big deal of campuses—Christian and secular.  Marijuana has long been regarded by its advocates as basically harmless.  In fact, I have been hearing that marijuana is harmless since I was in college, more decades ago than I choose to count.

But that is nonsense. It is not harmless.

First, as with alcohol, marijuana use impairs functioning.  Hence, driving, and other mind-body activities, become less certain—more dangerous.

But let me go in another, less cited issue.  A psychotherapist friend of mine once said something to the effect of, “Show me a marijuana user and I will show you an emotional midget.”

Powerful words, but ones containing much truth.  We develop mental and emotional maturity by engaging problems, whether they be intellectual, personal, spiritual, whatever.  Our personality gets stronger through problem-solving.  Marijuana does not help us do that.  Instead of taking on cognitive challenges, it is a form of withdrawal, opting out.  Put the problem aside and get high.

This avoidance behavior of dropping out becomes, for many, a consistent pattern—a habit.  When it does, mental and emotional development is retarded.

Although there are some compelling arguments to be made for the medicinal value of pot, recreational use is not without potential consequences.  “Pothead” connotes many things, but mental and emotional maturity are not among them. DC.

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