[238] The Reality
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[238] The Reality

Amid the furor over the Trump presidency, something is lost: the current national political paralysis is not about Trump—his style, his wall, or his showdown strategies.

It is about power.

Over a half century ago John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage detailed members of congress who sacrificed politically to do what they believed was right for the country.

I see few if any such profiles now.

Instead of people who place the best interests of the United States above party affiliation or personal ambition I see people in serious combat for power–on both sides of the aisle.

Over a decade ago Mitch McConnell made clear his goal to make Obama’s presidency unsuccessful.  This was before Obama had even settled in the Oval Office.  Democrats were promoting impeachment before Trump’s first national address.

Why?  Because servanthood is being sacrificed on the altar of power.  Servanthood is about listening and working toward consensus, the common good.  Power is about domination of the vanquished.  When the vanquished are members of the opposite political party we are vanquishing our own citizens.


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