[237] Deception
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[237] Deception

One thing stood out to me after the deaths of Sen. John McCain and President George Herbert Walker Bush.  The Democrats and the liberal media treated them with respect, even trumpeting their careers and service.  This in a time in which neither Republicans nor Democrats seem to find any redeeming value in any member of the opposite party.

So what do we make of this?  This anomaly is not about people wanting to speak respectfully of the dead.  It is about celebrating McCain and Bush’s resistance to Trump.  Surprise!  It is all about politics.  It is all about advancing the party’s agenda by citing these two figures for their refusal to support the now undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

And it’s disgusting.  Neither McCain nor Bush got much respect from the Dems during their lifetimes.  The Dems unloaded on McCain in his presidential run in 2008 and in his campaigns for the senate.  Bush was vilified by Clinton in 1992 and his son was the political punching bag of the Obama campaign.

If you are reading this as a swipe at the Democratic Party you are missing the point.  I expect Republicans would do the same if given similar circumstances.

No, this is about something as old as Genesis 3.  It is about deception, the toxin of democracy. DC

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