[235] Light

[235] Light

The world is dark without hope.  It is dark without Christ.

If there is one word that describes the secular and Christian celebration of Christmas it would be light.  People drive into downtown areas of cities to see the Christmas lights.  We light the Christmas tree.  Neighbors with outside Christmas decorations have their lawns flooded with light.

The Christmas star is about light.

Too often it stops there, even for believers.  We get halted looking and enjoying all that light.  We are not realizing that light is a symbol of something much greater.  That Christ is the light in a dark world.  That is why we celebrate his birth with all that light.

God entered the world by saying, “Let there be light.”  It all started with light.

He redeems the world the same way, by sending the light of Christ.

I encourage you to think of that the next time you enjoy the Christmas lights.  They will be brighter than ever.  DC

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