[234] Murder & Grace
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[234] Murder & Grace

A dear friend called me yesterday and told me his twin granddaughters’ mother had been murdered.

She was 33.

A product of a Christian college, she had been doing the wrong things with the wrong person at the wrong time.

There are myriad reactions one can have to such news.  The one that stood out to me was grace.

It would be easy to moralize about the behavior of the young woman—the context of her murder–but I was struck with thought that the only reason the same did not happen to so many of us in youthful, often reckless times is God’s grace.

I mentioned the incident to a close friend who responded with the same thought.

The only thing that separated this woman’s plight from that of so many of the rest of us sinners is God’s protective grace.  It is a grace that is present even when we are not living according to his will.  It is grace that is especially present at those times.  DC

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