[234] Celibacy
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[234] Celibacy

With respect to priestly sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church, “The hits just keep on coming.”

How long will this go on?  I say, for as long as the church holds to the tradition of requiring celibacy in the priesthood.

Sexuality is a basic component of human life.  The sex drive rivals that of eating or drinking.  Therefore, celibacy needs to be seen as a gift rather than a choice.  Paul advocated celibacy but stated in 1 Cor. 7:9 that it is better to marry than burn with passion.

Not only does celibacy severely reduce the number of men choosing to enter the priesthood (and drive many out), it places many priests in a sexual bind, putting them at  war with their sexuality.

Regrettably, the priesthood has become a haven for gay men who–wanting desperately to control acting out on their orientation—believe required celibacy is the answer.  The unending tide of sexual abuse of young boys is testimony to the tragic misguided nature of such a choice.

Keep in mind these felonious sexual activities do not include all the unreported illicit adult liaisons—hetero or homosexual—among wearers of the Catholic cloth.

There is no biblical basis for celibacy.  Peter–viewed as the original pope–was married.

Tradition is a powerful element in Catholicism.  It trumps scripture in some cases.  When it does it can leave destruction in its wake.  DC

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