[232] 2nd Commandment

[232] 2nd Commandment

You don’t need me to tell you the Second Great Commandment is love your neighbor as yourself.  What I do want to say is that the church (a) does not seem to understand this commandment, and (b) does not do well in keeping it.

First, let me share a few thoughts on what this imperative entails.  It includes loving one’s family members.  They are one’s closest neighbors.  Judging from the divorce statistics, many of us are really failing here.  And that does not include all the loveless, albeit intact marriages, in addition to all the toxic parent-child relationships.

One’s church family would also be included.  So many churches fail here, as members fight over ecclesiastical turf as if the church belongs to its members rather than Christ—who just happens to be the originator of the Second Great Commandment.  I have real issues with this infraction, having been in too many churches ridden with dissension.

From there we go to the outside, those “without.”  Being a sociologist, I am very concerned with caring for the dispossessed, those mentioned in Matthew 25.  But before we get there, we might want to look at our personal and church families. DC

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