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[226] Prosperity Gospel

The prosperity message qualifies as gospel in that is indeed good news.  Good health, more revenue, and an upward spike in one’s career direction are a good return—a nice payout—for a meager faith investment.

And that is the problem with a prosperity gospel.  It is not about taking up one’s cross, glorifying God, or standing strong amid unanswered prayer—the stuff of discipleship.  It is about self-interest.  It is about “your best life now,” to borrow from the nicely-coiffed Joel Osteen, with the key word being your.  The life of faith, however, is not about us, the creatures.  It is about God, the creator.  Faith is not about what you put into some divine vending machine as you await the size of the payout.  In fact, you may get no material payout at all.  Myriad martyrs, including all but one of the disciples experienced that.  Your payout is a membership in God’s kingdom, the only payout really worth having. DC

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