[225] #1 Institution
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[225] #1 Institution

What is the most powerful institution in the world?  The US government?  The UN?  A global business network?

The answer is the church.

That’s right.  The often seemingly puny, hypocritical, impotent, shrinking, divided, irrelevant institution—the church–is #1.  How do we know this?  Is this the result of social research?  Surveys?  Polls?  Membership?

We know this because Jesus said it.  In Matthew 16:19 he states that the gates of hell will not prevail against his church.

And they haven’t.  The Christian church is 2000 years old.  Think about that.  Civilizations, empires, global entities, have come and gone.  The church is still here.  Famous people—Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar, Constantine, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King, Elvis, Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jackson—dominant figures by any measure—are not only gone, but they have largely faded from memory.

Humanly speaking, what are the chances the church would outlive all these entities and the vivid impact of all these people?

The sportsbooks of Las Vegas would not post a line on that.

Yet the church bells keep ringing.  And they will continue to ring.

Christ said so.  DC

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