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[224] Impact

Despite all the problems with evangelicalism—its frequent self-righteousness, unnecessary divisiveness, and instances of troubling hypocrisy—I find myself more drawn to its camp than the less biblically orthodox churches.

I can state the reason in but a simple word: impact.

Despite our human flaws, all of which show up in our churches, those churches that sincerely attempt to be biblically orthodox pack a wallop.  People enter a relationship with Christ, believers are taught how to be disciples, and one can sense the power of the Holy Spirit in them.

These churches proclaim the foolishness of the gospel, often in less than intellectually sophisticated ways, but that foolishness continues to transform its people.

I do not see spiritual impact in more liberal, mainline denominational churches. I do not see transformed lives. I hear varnished, blurry, let’s-not-offend-anyone sermons, tired rituals, and happy coffee hours. I sense a warm, fuzzy feeling about God among those in attendance, but not one that has much impact on me, or my ability to have impact on the world.


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