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[213] MLK Day

The left consistently celebrates Martin Luther King Day as if it is a liberal holiday.  The right seems not to make as much celebrative noise.  That is unfortunate.  One would hope that at least the birthday of this champion of freedom would not be kicked around on the political football field.

But there is a more troubling aspect.  The foundation of MLK’s movement was Christian.  He was an ordained Baptist Minister and his organization was named the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Scripture was constantly quoted and long prayer vigils were regular events.  At  the individual level, King reportedly immersed himself in prayer to ward off feelings of hate in the face of injustice.

But you won’t hear much if anything about the Christian core of the MLK’s life and legacy.  The secularists have clipped those pages out of the narrative.  And in doing so, they have made what could be an inspiring day—one of putting down division and seeking unity, into little more than one in which the banks are closed. DC

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