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[212] Reversal?

Donald Trump’s approval ratings have been lounging around the high 30’s, viewed by millions as a crude, villainous bully in need of psychiatric intervention and removal via the 25th Amendment.

But what might happen if two things occur?  What if Trump is found free (or largely free) of Russian collusion by the Mueller investigation and Hillary is found to have been trying—illegally—to manipulate his demise?  Also, what happens if Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book is publically discredited, owing to myriad inaccuracies and poor journalism?

What then?

Suddenly, Trump moves from bully to the victim of a nefarious plot; from a dominating, out-of-control executive to the target of a grossly inaccurate literary hatchet job.

That is a reversal, and it may well show in his approval ratings.

Something this dramatic may seem far-fetched, but nothing about Trump’s political biography has been very predictable. DC

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