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[207] Eyes

By most current standards, Michael Douglas has been an amazing success. He has excelled in a variety of aspects in both television and film, particularly acting. He has been able to all but select his roles, rather than settle for a script tossed on his coffee table. He has uncountable wealth and a stunning wife, Catherine, Zeta-Jones, a first-rate actress in her own part.

Michael Douglas is the gold standard for success.

That is, if you look at him through secular eyes.

But what if you don’t? What if you don on some spiritual lenses. Is he still successful?

First, there is no evidence that he is a believer. He has a father who lived a dissolute moral life, one after which young Douglas patterned much of his behavior, conduct that destroyed relationships. He has gone through a savage divorce with an ex-wife, Diandra, whose actions suggest she despises him. That marriage produced a child who descended into the chasm of drug dealing and drug abuse, spending six years in prison. Douglas took responsibility for his son’s plight, calling himself “a bad father,” while stating that as devastating as life in the slammer can be, prison may have saved his son’s life. His current wife, with whom he has had one separation, suffers from bouts of depression.

So just how successful is Michael Douglas?

This blog is not really about Douglas. He is nothing more or less than a sinner like you and I, and one for whom I regularly pray. This is about us. For those of us see Douglas as a success, who celebrate and revere him, a question awaits: With what eyes are we going through life?

Spiritual eyes lead us to a life of purpose and direction as Christ’s disciples–success in this life and the next. Secular eyes make us no different from Douglas and those like him, eyes that may lead us to professional achievement and considerable wealth, but ones that yield a bitter harvest. DC

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