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[205] Culture Audit

I think the church needs a cultural audit. I look at how married it is to middle class culture rather than a more sober view of scripture. Here is what I mean. Many evangelicals are not welcoming to homosexuality, abortion, or the removal of the death penalty. I am not taking issue with them on that. There is much to studied, discussed, and prayed over with respect to these matters. I take issue, however, with the church’s more permissive posture toward divorce, racism, gossip, and ignoring the poor.

In short, the church seems to pick and choose the sins on which they focus, being much more tolerant of the transgressions long-practiced within their own culture and tradition, than those outside their own demographic heritage.

That is a selective gospel. It is a “create your own” discipleship. It is a somewhat comfortable discipleship. It is not a call to genuine discipleship.

Please understand, I am not suggesting where exactly the church boundaries need be on these matters. I am suggesting that its posture on each should not be so easy to predict. DC


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