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[204] Trump & the NFL

My son, from New York, came to Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

Ambivalent about Trump, he did remark about the President’s savvy, making an interesting point along the way. He noted that whenever The Donald is knee-deep in major issues—speaking to the UN, the crisis in North Korea, the devastation of national disasters, inability to get a health bill or tax reform passed, along with other challenges—he seems to start a Tweet-driven brushfire out on the perimeter, one that gets huge media reaction on a matter of little long-range consequence, but one that sends attention flares everywhere. While the real matters of substance—the ones on which elections hinge–leave him open to criticism and attack, these are pushed to the sideline, with debates about National Anthem protocol, charges of fake news, and other pre-emptive verbal strikes taking the main stage and devouring myriad hours of punditry. These secondary, though media-obsessed matters often become, in Shakespeare’s words, “much ado about nothing” for the nation, but they serve a diversionary purpose for our President. DC

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