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[203] Hugh Hefner

So Hugh Hefner is finally gone.

If one reads all the post mortems on the horse-faced man, often clad in the pajamas or wearing a silly naval captain’s hat, one would think she were reading about two different people. Many secularists regaled Hefner for his philanthropy and kindness to various and sundry individuals and causes. Others saw him as a dark figure, one whose endeavors contributed to more STDs, abortions, pornographic addictions, and violence against women (as sex objects).

Let me add one more thought. Hefner, amid his lifetime of myriad bedmates, lamented that he had never met “his soul mate.” His lifestyle has been glorified by the Epicureans of our time–those who mock the advocates of sexual restraint as people who do not “get it,” and hence are missing out on the full life, one filled with pleasure. Hefner, however, amid his all-out devotion to blond hair, huge mammary glands, and multitudinous copulation partners a fraction of his chronological age, found no soul, and no real mate. Perhaps it was Hefner who really missed out. DC

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