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[201] No Counter

I don’t think Christian colleges are doing enough to counter post-modernism, particularly that aspect of this philosophical heresy that affirms the absence of truth. The notion that truth is relative–or more accurately, an individual phenomenological opinion—is a bedrock doctrine in the postmodern catechism.

It is everywhere, even at Christian colleges. Many of the students there profess a personal faith, but they have little use for “Thus saith the Lord…” thinking. The former is personal and even malleable. The latter is unbending and calls people to discipleship.

Postmodernism is arguably the biggest threat to Christianity in our time, because it invalidates truth. There is no foundation in a postmodern Christian “faith.” It is a faith without facts. It offers a discipleship without discipline, a set of beliefs with nothing immovable in which to believe. It is postmodern thinking that makes marrying out of the faith acceptable, because after all, who really knows what is true?

And again, postmodernism is everywhere—even in Christian colleges. I have long advocated for a required course in apologetics at every Christian institution of higher learning. We need that now more than ever—for the truth of the Christian faith is all we have that separates us from our secular counterparts. DC

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