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[200] Fake News

“Fake news” has now entered the mainstream vocabulary. There is plenty of fake news.  We are in a new era of “journalism.”  Remember All the President’s Men?  Ben Bradlee directed Woodward and Bernstein to get multiple sources on anything Watergate that went to press.  Now a “story” with no on-the-record sources will do.  You need only “sources close to…” to launch it on the 24-hour cable channels and the blizzard of online sources.

There are a number of reasons for this.  Here are two principal ones.  We no longer have three major news networks, and a nation of newspapers going to press once or twice day.  Now we have myriad television and internet sources all enmeshed in byzantine competition for viewers and clicks.  To get that flow, you need to get there first.  Second, everything is now 24 hours, not two printings a day and an evening news hour.  So there is much time to fill and not much hard news with which to fill it.  Hence, opinion and discussion are passed off as information.

Here is one more.  You better talk loud to be heard over all the cable shows, bloggers, podcasts, and on and on.  Better to do that with explosive innuendo and a few lies than the sterile nature of fact.

The gospel is about truth.  Truth shows up in the Ten Commandments.  In John 8:32, Christ says the truth sets us free.  What does fake news do?  DC

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