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[194] Bill Cosby

Irrespective the impending judicial verdict, it seems Bill Cosby’s sin has found him out. A lot of others have found out about him as well.

I was first suspicious of Cosby about 50 years ago. It was when he was a comedic rage, not to mention a star on “I Spy,” a very popular TV show in which he co-starred with Robert Culp. I noticed that Cosby was making Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion his natural habitat. You do not need an IQ as high as the speed of a major league fastball to realize what was going on. People do not go to places like these to discuss the great books, or even comedy routines. They go to indulge their sensual natures to their outer limit in an environment that is as safe (meaning private) as any such environment can be.

For the married-with-children Cosby, this meant a rather obvious double life. A double life can take time to emerge and enter the public view. Often silence is bought, and some secrets never get revealed. But when people are reckless, the facts often do surface.

So it is with Cosby. We can hate him. We can condemn him. Or we can pray for him. He does not have much time left before he will be in a place where there are no silence-buying options, and all secrets will be revealed.  DC

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