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[192] Non-believer

The recently infamous Kathy Griffin has never struck me as particularly intelligent, clear thinking, or even funny. I always looked at her as a rather desperate soul, one without a compass. She describes herself as a “non-believer.” One can read that as simply one who does not have a religion. One can go further, however, and look at it as one who simply has nothing in which to believe—no real foundation or central life purpose.

The latter perspective is more meaningful to me. I have many non-believing friends, some of them are dear friends. One trait characterizes each of them: They do not articulate a purpose for their existence. For them, life is a trial-and-error venture in hopes of finding what they are going to do “when they grow up.” Given their chronological age they will probably not grow up.

For the Christian there is only one purpose: To glorify God. It is a purpose way beyond our capacity to attain, given our sinful condition, but that is what makes it a life-long endeavor. DC

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