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[192] Banned

Remember when the Bible was highly revered, even by non-believers? It was spoken about with reverence, called the “good book.” Not so any longer. The American Library Association fields challenges—objections–to materials in schools and libraries. By 2015, the Bible made the Top Ten.

The usual basis for this attempt to ban the Bible is the tired old separation of church and state argument.

The Qur’an was challenged less than the Bible.

This is not to be alarmist, to say the Bible will no longer be in public schools. The First Amendment is hanging around somewhere. It is to say that the forces of secularism are fearless, and by increments continue to drive religious elements of any kind out of the culture.

Few Christians seem to “get” that. Secularists are not about guarding the nation from becoming a theocracy. No chance of that, anyway. They are about making sure people do not hear about God other than in specifically religious institutions and entities. That means not on mainstream radio, television, school, and government.


And that nicely insures that children who do not come from Christian homes are unlikely ever to hear about Christ. It is all quite systematic, with the aim being an eventual culture that is wholly non-religious. The most important governmental institution may well be the Supreme Court, and few Christian organizations may well be more important than those legal ones that oppose this systematic secular march.


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