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[190] Unpatriotic

It is not irrelevant what any of us may think of Trump. He is—like it or not–the President of the United States. Any unwillingness to accept that is wrong.

The strategy of his opponents is based on their unwillingness to accept this basic fact. The enzyme behind the investigation of alleged Russian electoral collusion is the desire to invalidate Trump’s claim to the presidency. If he cheated his way to the White House, then he doesn’t belong, and if the likes of Maxine Waters has her way, he can be tossed overboard wrapped in articles of impeachment. So the argument goes.

That thinking does not pass a freshman course in logic. It is widely accepted that JFK made his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with the help of some extra-legal shenanigans in Daley the elder’s Chicago and LBJ’s Texas. Clinton simply lied his way through the campaign, while in 2000, Bush won by, well, a hanging chad. It can be argued that Trump has a more valid claim to the presidency than any of these people. And as for any collusion noise, he remains innocent until proven guilty.

To refuse to accept Trump is president is wrong. Don’t tell me you pledge allegiance sincerely, stand and sing the National Anthem with enthusiasm, and support our troops, if you will not accept the occupant of the Oval Office as our President.

It is unpatriotic. DC

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